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The Man Behind The Wheels

Naanal Decors is the brainchild of Mr Christopher who has an immense 13+ years of experience in Media and Arts. He managed to put together a team of highly talented artists with a knack for design innovation to desaturate the event decorations industry with fresh new stage designs and decors. Instead of following in the footsteps of the existing industry stage designs, Mr Christopher makes sure that Naanal Decors prioritises innovation and offers nothing less to what the clients have dreamed off. This has now become a culmination of artists and designers who can give you the day of your dreams with unique stage designs that will not just look gorgeous in photos but also leaves you with long-lasting memories.

Why Naanal Decors?

1. Unique Designs Crafted Just For You!

If you’re someone who doesn’t stick to the ordinary and loves to stand out, you’re in the right place. Share your ideas with our experts, watch them brought to life.

2. Art Experts From The Film Industry

Our clients get to interact and design unique stage and venue decor ideas for your events with real art directors from the film industry who can breathe life to your wildest dreams.

3. All Your Decor Needs Under One Roof

Apart from offering top-down design planning and execution for Weddings (Venue & Destination), Themed Birthdays, Corporate and stage events, we procure food, transport, and bridal makeups etc., upon request.

A Few Words About Naanal Decors

When it comes to creative planning and event decor, it’s not a matter of how long we are present in the industry but the value and innovation that we offer. Naanal Decors has planned, designed and executed over 150 bespoke event decorations for weddings, receptions, after-parties, birthdays, corporate shows etc., over the past 3 years all across India. We shy away from the saturated stage designs that have been used over and over again and make no compromises in offering what our clients have dreamed off. Over the years, our floral installations and lighting decorations have earned massive appreciation.

Our Tailor-Made Process:
  • Brainstorming ideas & gathering Inspirations from you.
  • Rough sketches and art drafts from film experts.
  • Conceptualization and Confirmation.
  • Designing and Execution
Exotic Designs
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